If you have the skill to write an excellent tutorial or article for Scopious Marketing then we would like to hear from you. Here are some simple rules that you can follow to avoid article rejections on Scopious Marketing. Please follow them, otherwise, we can not guarantee to publish. If you completed the article with full-details as mentioned below, it will be published without any issue.

  • Find a unique idea to write-on. Don’t submit articles without searching the old content on Scopious Marketing as we can’t publish the same topic twice, or you can improve the old content by creating a .doc file of it. We do appreciate it a lot.
  • Please be aware, we are strict about grammatical errors. Use proper English as we are an English site.
  • Mostly, we are looking for how-to-guides, tips, tricks, tutorials related to marketing.
  • Only one link in the author bio is allowed. All other links should be generic and resourceful. Don’t link to shady or low-quality sites, we do check the quality of links before publishing.
  • Don’t submit your article without optimizing your Meta Description and Keywords. We use Yoast WP. So, have this in place before submitting it.
  • Send your article compressed in a .ZIP file (if you can’t submit by creating an account).
  • The article must be Marketing related, we are marketing blog, so focus on marketing related tutorials, activities, reviews, etc..
  • Your article must have at least 1000 words. But we appreciate all articles over 1500 words. Please!
  • Your article must be accompanied by relevant images. The more images, the better.
  • All image files must be no smaller than the 1200px width in general. However, all images are good if relevant. Please avoid copied images. We support common creative works. So, create or take images yourself.
  • Your article must be your original work and not published elsewhere. We are very strict about this and use copyscape to confirm.
  • Your article may be edited prior to publishing (inclusion of affiliate links etc…) If required by the editor.
  • DO NOT use images from Google Images or simply taken from a website. (Strictly Prohibited)
  • DO NOT use images from Flickr, unless it’s your Flickr and you own the image(s).

Unfortunately, we cannot offer payment for articles unless we hire you as a permanent writer.

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