Anchors Aweigh! The Mobile SEO Boat is setting sail…SM_LandAhoy

Will you be on board? Did you remember to bring your website?

How many times a day do we turn to our phones and tablets for answers? or, more specifically, to the pre-installed Google search on our Android devices — or Yahoo for iOS users? The answer may astonish you… Nearly 5 MILLION times a day across today’s interwebs — That’s over 2 BILLION times a year, that means that today’s web users are actively using mobile devices to perform 300 MILLION more searches every year vs desktop computers (PCs, Macs, etc.) and laptops (notebooks, Macbooks, etc.).

Here’s the Stats:

  • Desktop Searches: ~ 1.7 BILLION / yearonly 46% of internet traffic — LESS THAN HALF.
  • Mobile Searches: ~ 2+ BILLION / year — 54% of internet traffic — And this MAJORITY shall rule.

Here’s the Trend:

  • Desktop Searches Last Year: ~ 1.68 BILLION — desktop usage has plateaued, and will be in a downward spiral by the end of next year.
  • Mobile Searches Last Year: ~ 1.65 BILLION — mobile usage has skyrocketed, and continues to climb as desktop usage drops off into oblivion.

Here’s the Projection:

  • Desktop Searches NEXT Year: ~ 1.55 BILLION — only 40% of internet traffic — the inevitable descent into oblivion.
  • Mobile Searches NEXT Year: ~ 2.3 BILLION — 60% of internet traffic — the obvious expectation, given our ever-improving mobile devices of today, and our insatiable demand for convenience in this fast moving digital era.


What’s the Impact?

How does it affect me?

Overall, and for most website & business owners, the impact will be huge. Hugely Positive for websites that have already met the requirements of Google’s new Mobile Friendliness criteria to ensure that their website will be allowed in mobile search indexes. Devastatingly Negative for non-Mobile-Friendly websites.

So, where is your website right now? on the Dock? on the Mobile SEO Boat? or Who Knows?

To quote the mighty Google:
“Mobile-friendliness is now a ranking signal.”

Basically, Google has proclaimed to the world that:
all websites need to “mobile-friendly” or else!

That is, if your website is not Mobile Friendly, it will simply drop off the search engine results. And, consequently: your website traffic will drop, your conversions will drop, your sales will drop, and your beloved bottom-line will be erased by the Mobilegeddon Eraser of DOOM.

So, has your website already boarded the Mobile SEO Boat? Or are you standing at the shore?

Or, in other words, does your website already meet ALL of the Mobile SEO requirements set forth by Google, and the other major search engines?

I have already Boarded the Mobile SEO Boat,
and the waters are good.


Help! I need to climb aboard the Mobile SEO Boat, before it hits deep waters.

Um… I have no idea where my website is. I got distracted by the mighty Mobile SEO Boat, and lost my website at the docks.

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