Let Google help searchers find you online (or your website)

Sure you have great content, but is anyone actually seeing it?  If you are noticing a decrease in your web traffic, you’re not alone.  An overwhelming percentage of online searches happen on Google.  As the leading search engine, Google recognizes that the world of online exploring is changing.  People want high quality, useful information immediately.  Whether at home, school, work or on the go, mobile devices allow for access any where, any time.  60% of google’s traffic comes from mobile devices. In order to keep up with constantly changing technology and wide range of consumer devices, Google has made some changes. These changes affect your online business.  Get on board, or get lost.

Google has launched a new method for guiding online explorers to the sites that offer the most relevant, user-friendly content.  To become one of Google’s destination sites you need to comply with their new Mobile-Friendly requirements.  Their new algorithm (commonly known as “Mobilegeddon”) will rank sites as Mobile-Friendly or Not-Mobile-Friendly.  It is black and white.  No gray area for “kind of mobile friendly” in-betweens.


  • Easy to navigate by touch.
    • Menu items and call-to-action buttons are large enough to click on without accidentally hitting other buttons
  • Readable without pinching, scrolling horizontally, or zooming
    • Vertical scrolling only compatible with mobile devices—this means no Flash

We’ve all visited one of those pages that don’t meet these guidelines and are aggravated by how hard they are to navigate through. Don’t let your page be one of them! Google has provided many tools to help you keep you on their radar. The first and most important step is finding out if your current page is mobile-friendly. Here is a Mobile-Friendly Test google provides so you can check your page.

Take Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test

How’d you do?


If your site is Mobile-Friendly, congratulations, you are on Google’s map.

However you’re not quite done, there are some additional checks you can do to ensure your page is on the path to optimal success.

Keep ‘em coming:

  • Provide fresh and interesting new content, continually
  • Stay engaged on social media
  • Avoid bumps in the road by maintaining your website
  • Optimize your site
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If your site is “Not-Mobile-Friendly” you are no longer in Google’s scope.

Load your flare gun, it’s going to be hard for people to find you.

Your ranking on mobile search is going to take a major hit… potentially, 60% decrease in exposure.

Jump aboard our life raft, we can:

  • Analyze your site and provide a map to become Mobile-Friendly
  • Rebuild your site to follow Google’s guide
  • Build a new website to put you on the path to success

Get Mobile-Friendly


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